Secrets of the Ultimate Nap

October 25, 2011 3:16 pm by admin in Dorm Decor, Uncategorized

It’s 11 am; you just pulled an all-nighter, just handed in that 11 page paper and taken an online quiz.  You are completely free until 6 pm.  Sounds like the perfect opportunity to indulge in a nap, not just any nap but the ultimate nap.  College is the last time you will be entitled to the occasional nap here and there.  Even in college they are sparse so use them wisely- be sure to absorb ALL the secrets that are about to be shared!


  1. Change into comfortable clothes, preferable sweatpants, sweatshirt or t-shirt.  There is nothing worse than taking a nap in jeans!
  2. Take off all jewelry, glasses, and ball caps.
  3. Assess the lighting situation.  Do you prefer to sleep in the light or dark?  If you prefer the dark, close the blinds.  If still too bright or your roommate needs lighting, invest in a sleeping mask- greatest thing ever!  If you prefer sunlight, open the blinds or turn on the light.
  4. Music or no music?  If you like to nap with your favorite tunes playing in the background, turn on your favorite Pandora station on a low volume.  If you are one that needs complete silence, think about investing in some earplugs, provides the perfect afternoon slumber.
  5. Put your phone on silent.  You DO NOT want to be disturbed!
  6. Fluff your pillow and comforter.  This provides a comfortable place to snooze.

The only thing left to do is HOP in your bed and enjoy the greatest afternoon nap ever!

Make sure you do set some type of alarm.  I don’t think your professor will go for the excuse that you overslept for your 6pm class :)

Did we forget anything? What does your perfect nap include?


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