Make Bedding a Priority Over Fall Break

It’s about time for fall break.  You’ve been in the dorms for the past couple months and maybe you’re realizing that the neon pink and black color scheme that you have going on just isn’t cutting it for you.  Or maybe your comforter has endured one too many rough nights.  Use your fall break as a time to head home and check out some new bedding for your dorm.  Remember that when you head back to campus, depending where your school is located, most likely it will only be getting chillier here on out.


  • Choose a color that isn’t going to make you crazy after living in it for months on end.  Refer to Pantone or our Dorm Palette article to get you started.  Here are Twin XL Egyptian Cotton sheet sets in 12 glorious colors!  There is bound to be a color for everyone.
  • Make sure you know what size your dorm bed is.  You may think this is a no brainer but chances are you still don’t know if your bed is Twin or Twin XL- the only thing you’re worried about is if you have a place to sleep.  There is a simple solution to finding what size bed you have- the DormWizard.  This is an online tool that has over 5,000 dorms and 500 colleges compiled and the appropriate size bedding for each.
  • Invest in the right comforter for your climate.  A student in Texas is not going to need the same warmth as a student in New York.  A good quality comforter can be a bit pricier than the local neighborhood store but well worth it but make sure to check the weight before purchasing.

Use your time wisely before you head back to campus.  Don’t let restless nights become an every night occurence simply because you’re lacking comfortable bedding.  You have too many other things to worry about!

Have a glorious fall break!

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