Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween quickly approaching, do you have your costume yet?  And ladies a scandalous outfit paired with ears and a tail doesn’t justify a Halloween costume.  Gentlemen the same goes for you!  You better start getting that costume together because seriously how many times are you going to be able to dress in costumes and have it be completely acceptable—NEVER!  We also realize you are in college so costume ideas must be inexpensive.


Rebecca Black – Throw on a purple tank top, a black wig and run around singing Friday.

Where’s Waldo– Red and white stripe shirt, thick rimmed glasses and a beanie.

A stop light – have one friend dress in red, another in yellow and yourself in green.

Kate Middleton – Live a night as royalty.   Dress in a classic blue wrap dress and make a fascinator (ridiculous head piece).  If you have Kate that also means Prince William and Pippa Middleton are up for grabs.

Richard Simmons – Only things required consist of booty shorts, tank top, sweat band, wrist bands, tube socks and gym shoes- all of which you probably have in your closet or can borrow from a friend.

Toga Toga– You can’t graduate college without dressing in a toga on at least one occasion.  Grab the sheet off your bed and you’re set!

Mr. Potato Head– Dress in all brown. Put on some blue shoes and a green hat. Cut some ears, lips, eyes and a nose out of construction paper, pin them on your body and there you have it- a walking Mr. Potato Head!

What other costume ideas do you have?

Over at eCampus.com they have some great ideas!

Good luck and Happy Halloween

One Response to Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Sarah Says October 20, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    A couple years ago my husband went as Where’s Waldo and was a big hit!

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