Crisp Autumn Meets College Dorm

It seems that just as soon as Labor Day comes and goes so does the summer weather.  The nights begin to get a little chilly when you leave those dorm windows open and it’s time to pull out the bins of sweaters and sweatshirts.  Game days now consume your Saturdays and the leaves crumble beneath your feet when you walk across campus.  Whether you’re sad or excited that fall is in the air it’s time to accept it!

Dorms don’t exactly have the smell of your grandma’s homemade apple pie or the warm comfort of a fireplace on an autumn afternoon.  You have to take matters into your own hands and make that dorm room have an atmosphere that welcomes fall.  Several simple additions to your dorm room will accomplish just that!


Add one of Glade’s Fall Scents, Cashmere Woods, Cinnamon Chiffon, Plumberry Velour, or Spiced Citrus Chic, to your dorm room.  Most likely candles aren’t allowed in the dorms so purchase some of the Galde PlugIns or a Glade room spray.  It’ll definitely beat the smell of burnt popcorn from down the hall!

HOMAGE TO THE NFL (game day)

Fill a little candy dish with some personalized NFL M&M’S®!.  Choose your favorite team and ta-da! –NFL nation in YOUR dorm, so fall.


The perfect fall blanket will make that occasional lazy day or chilly night feel perfect.  The twin size Eddie Bauer Dorm Blanket is hypoallergenic White Goose Down, easy machine washable and dryable.  It adds just the right warmth to counter the crisp fall breeze.


What better way to treat yourself than to a warm Nutella Mug Cake.  This chocolate hazelnut sensation will brighten any
dreary weather blues.  Curl up on your futon and treat yourself to some warm sweetness.

So take some time in between your busy schedule to enjoy the fall weather.  Simple fall pleasures can really brighten your day.

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