Workout In Your Dorm Room

It might be difficult to fit in a designated time each day to truck on over to the recreation center or venture out on the
roads in order to squeeze in a workout.  When the studying and homework begins to pile up, a new workout plan needs to be devised; something that is convenient.  The more convenient it is the more likely you’ll be dedicated.

What could be more convenient than never having to leave your dorm room for a workout?   That’s right, absolutely nothing!  Transform your dorm room into an exercise arena.  Creating a workout space in your dorm even provides an opportunity to have your own personal trainer at a much cheaper price than the gym! Who will you choose?—Jane Fonda, Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Bob Greene, Julianne Hough.

The list may differ a bit depending on the kind of workout that you prefer (Aerobics/ Cardio, Toning, Yoga, Strength Training, Dance, Kickboxing) but here are possible items you might consider purchasing:

  • Dumbbells- strength training
  • Yoga mat- yoga and other core exercises such as crunches
  • Resistance band- strength training
  • Yoga ball- toning and core exercises
  • Workout video- trainer and workout style your choice!

The excuses of the rec center being too far away or closed, the weather being too hot or too cold don’t stand a chance anymore.  The excuses end now! offers a great Dorm Room Workout with absolutely everything that you need to know.  The gym has now come to you! Grab those dumbbells and work it!

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