Ultimate College Pillow Fight

PILLOW FIGHT! Seriously, nobody is ever too old for a pillow fight.  And we know this because of the masses that come together every year for National Pillow Fight Day.  This year National Pillow Fight Day took place on April 2, 2011.  People all over the world, of all ages and nationalities, gathered by the masses to take part in a good old pillow fight.  The pillow fight originates when an organizer picks a location and the group notifies participants.  The day changes from year to year but there is the same guaranteed ruckus- people swinging pillows with no remorse while feathers fly everywhere!

So we present to you an idea- bring National Pillow Fighting Day to your campus!  Just imagine the fun that could come of this college wide pillow fight- complete insanity that is bound to bring students together from all corners of the campus.  Talk to student government at your university and come up with an area on campus where students can congregate.  A campus wide pillow fight could also be an exciting fundraiser for a Fraternity/ Sorority or campus group.

After the date and place are established it’s then time to get down to business and talk about the real important specifics- what kind of pillow fighter you are going to be.  Are you going to be a participant that just wants in on the excitement or are you going to be one of the students out there with a strategic pillow fighting plan?  Oh the decisions!  We will help you out and tell you what each of the pillow fills will accomplish.  Hopefully this will make your planning a little easier :)

For the newbies in the pillow fighting world there is the polyester fill choice.  This pillow is soft and light, guaranteed to provide minimal impact.  This is also for the people out there that don’t like to bring harm to others- commonly described as “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”  A polyester pillow isn’t a bad choice, still allows students to participate in the excitement while simply inflicting a swing that feels more like a bag of cotton balls.

Then there is the feather fill option, this is for those extreme pillow fighters out there.  A feather fill is going to provide a heavy duty impact.  Most commonly used by the National Pillow Fighting Day regulars- the ones that are out there every year with a vengeance.

If a down pillow is one of your options, forget it! Those gems are way too comfortable as well as pricey for you to ruin during the pillow fight.  Instead, snatch one of your roommate’s pillows- this may cause you to be their target during the pillow fight but you would rather have that than ruin your own down pillow, right?

For extra messy fun partially remove some stitches on the end of the pillow (maybe every other).  This will guarantee that the feathers will really be flying.

After you have decided which pillow fill is best for your pillow fighting purposes the rest is all fun!  Simply gather at the
designated time and place and let the swinging begin.  After you have participated in your National Campus Pillow Fight Day maybe you’ll be experienced enough to roll with the big dogs and participate the National Pillow Fight Day nearest you!

Send us pics from your campus wide pillow fight and we will post them for all to see.  Remember to include the university that you attend!

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