Get Hot. Not Fat.

A lot of times the first year of college can bring on the dreaded ‘freshman 15’.  For many it’s their first time away from home and the cafeteria food and late night munchies don’t flatter the ‘toned physique’.  It’s easy to forget about exercising when you’re trying to balance your new social life, squeeze in some studying, and all while learning to live on your own.  While everyone has to find their preferred work out style whether that is running, walking, Pilates, swimming, or lifting, I believe I discovered another likely option for the often times stressed college student… Hot Yoga.

Just recently I went to a hot yoga session and loved it!  Hot Yoga is a series of postures practiced in a heated room. The series works to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind.  The session normally lasts 75 minutes and is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Hot yoga encourages you to stop, relax and really just live in the moment with no other thoughts.  Studying, relationship drama, money problems, and any other worries are forgotten.  It is a time to concentrate on yourself and a healthy positive lifestyle.  It is the perfect escape for the bombarded college student.

Hot Yoga may not be for everyone but I highly encourage you to try it before you deny it- even if it’s just for the calming experience.  A lot of times the campus recreation center offers a variety of workout classes for students.  Check out your rec center to see what is all offered.  Also, there may be a yoga studio in the area.  Yoga studios often offer student discounts or even free passes to first comers.  Do a little investigating and find what works best for you and take any freebies that come your way!

So find a friend to join you and make your workout enjoyable.  Forget about life’s stresses for 75 minutes, trust me they will always be waiting for you. :)


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