Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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Bedbugs– the word can bring on fear in seconds, make you investigate every tiny reddish-brown bug that comes in sight, and the scariest thing of all, they are taking over college campuses!  Karen Schwartz reports to AOL News that since colleges draw such large numbers of students from different places, someone is bound to bring in bedbugs. The bugs normally hide in cracks and in the seams of mattresses, sofas and drapes. They then hitchhike from room to room, an easy thing to do given the social tendencies of college students.

Schwartz reports the universities with the highest bedbug problem:

1. Stanford University

2.Ohio State University

3. Texas A&M

4. University of Florida

5. Northern Illinois University


Along with that list, CBS News reports the top 15 cities with a bedbug problem

1. New York City, NY

2. Philadelphia, PA

3. Detroit, MI

4. Cincinnati, OH

5. Chicago, IL

6. Denver, CO

7. Columbus, OH

8. Dayton, OH

9. Washington D.C

10. Los Angeles, CA

11. Boston, MA

12. Indianapolis, IN

13. Louisville, KY

14. Cleveland, OH

15. Minneapolis, MN


It’s extremely important if you are attending one of the above universities or if you’re attending a college that resides in one of the above cities that you take the necessary precautions.  Although the universities housing departments will pay for the extermination of the bedbugs in the dorms it is still an inconvenience to the college students.  And students you don’t need another inconvenience, your lives are already busy enough!

Remember to take into consideration your visits back home.  Bedbugs’ main way of transportation is by human body or other personal items such as bags and laundry.  And just an FYI the universities don’t pay for the extermination at your home!

In order to have piece of mind when you go to bed at night that you don’t have these creepy crawlers sharing a bed with you, I highly suggest that you take the following precautions:

  • The first and most important precaution would be checking all cracks and corners of the dorm room before moving in any of your belongings.  Inspect the bed railings, frames, and behind the headboard.  Inspect the seams and between the corner folds of the mattress.  Next pull out the dresser drawers and inspect every corner including rail areas.  Do the same for any night stands.
  • When you are in the clear with the mattress and bed, cover the mattress with a bed bug cover.  A Bed Bug Cover is relatively inexpensive and provides piece of mind that bugs won’t be crawling on/ biting you throughout the night.  If for any reason you overlooked a bed bug in your inspection, it will stay enclosed in the covering.

Bed Bug Covers for the top 5 universities with bed bug problems:

Stanford University

Ohio State University

Texas A&M

University of Florida

Northern Illinois University

  • You will want to wash all clothing in hot water, preferably over 120 degree Fahrenheit.  Dry the clothing in the same temperature or the highest there is.  The high temperature will kill any bed bugs in the chance one came in on your clothing.
  • After you move in all of your belongings remember to check periodically making sure none have ‘hitchhiked’ their way in throughout the year.

Be on the alert for bed bugs and if you notice any dried blood spots on your bedding or red bite marks on yourself, don’t waste anytime.  Let your R.A know immediately!


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