How to buy dorm bedding

June 7, 2011 4:30 pm by admin in Dorm Decor, First Years Only

When most shoppers go to purchase dorm bedding, they generally go for the cheap stuff, reasoning “it’s only a year”. A word of advice if you are one of those people: A year in college is a very, very long time!

Many schools have partnerships with other companies that they will refer you to for buying Twin XL bedding, but be careful and don’t judge bedding on the picture and thread count alone. Most “budget dorm bedding” products  tend to be replaced by students within the first couple weeks of the semester due to comfort reasons. Now, that’s not to say that we’re recommending to go buy the top of the line dorm bedding by any means, but you shouldn’t consider price alone.

The essentials:

Twin XL* sheets and pillow cases

Dozens of students have probably lived on your mattress before so obviously you’re going to want to buy some good sheets for your bed. The general rule of thumb is too look for sheets that have 300 or above for the thread count, but sheet quality goes beyond just one number. Be sure to pay attention to the type of fabric and weaves that are used for the sheets.

For dorm bedding we recommend trying to find all-cotton or cotton-polyester blends with a higher amount of cotton. Depending on your budget, you can either go for a plain standard weave or a sateen weave, but we’d recommend staying away from some of the more intricate  weaves since these will only be used for one year.

Twin XL mattress pad

Depending on the school, your mattress may be either very old or very poor quality resulting in some rough points or springs. Put an extra layer between your sheets and the mattress with a mattress pad. If you’re feeling even more willing, go ahead and consider buying a feather bed to give “at-home” like comfort.


Having a good pillow can mean the difference between a good nights rest and a poor one. This is one area that you don’t want to just blow off. We recommend the Goose Down Pillows from DOWNLITE ($35) as they should provide the needed comfort for any student.

* While not all schools use Twin XL sized mattresses, the overwhelming majority of them do. Be sure to check with your housing department to be sure.

2 Responses to How to buy dorm bedding

  1. Maria June 23, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    As a mother with a child going off to college, I have been researching everything because I want to make my son’s transition smooth and most of all happy. You provide some great suggests here. I would agree that making sure your child is comfortable it key. I actually purchased my son a twin xl mattress. I thought it would be a pretty good investment because he will be using it for four years and then maybe even grad school. I work with 1800 Mattress and they could not have been more helpful. I think my son thinks I am a little insane lol but I know he will be thanking me when he see the mattress he was intended to sleep on in August when he moves in.

  2. Anne Green November 30, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    And just a word about the thought that these sheets are “just for a year”.

    As a parent I am NOT expecting to buy my student new sheets every year. I can’t afford to buy myself new sheets every year! Especially with the tuition bill to pay.

    I’ll buy my kid good quality bedding. I’ll even make their bed for them the day we drop them off! It’s their job to take care of their bedding.

    If they do a good job maybe I’ll buy them some new sheets for that first apartment when they get a job and move out!

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