101 Health and Wellness Tips

May 19, 2011 4:21 pm by Phil D in Food and Drinks, Get in Shape, Health and Fitness, Power of Mind

Ready for a one-stop shop for all of your college health needs? RNCentral has posted 101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students and even if you’re heard it before, it’s always good to keep reminding yourself of what’s important to stay healthy.

The article has broken all 101 tips up into more manageable sections of tips on Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sexual Health, Illness, Stress, Mental Health, Study Abroad and Miscellaneous (which involves such tips as not walking long distances in flip flops and keeping your backpacks at a reasonable weight).

Overall it’s a great list that offers advice to students at all stages of their college career, from the Freshmen 15, to a Junior year abroad, to stress about graduation. Take some time to visit 101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students and stay healthy!


2 Responses to 101 Health and Wellness Tips

  1. Sarah Says November 9, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll go check it out.

  2. daily calorie intake to lose weight September 27, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Fantastic post! Like most people, one of the most difficult things
    that I find when working out or trying to be healthy is
    that it is so boring if you don’t know how to make it fun! Doing things like taking my dog for a walk or in a nearby mountain area can be a nice change of pace. Anything is better than running around in circles on a track or sitting on a stationary bicycle all day.

    On another note, you can’t just starve yourself or
    eat bland but healthy food and expect to lose weight long-term.
    If you can find foods that are healthy but still have great
    taste, eventually your brain is going to think that eating
    healthy is a good thing because the food tastes great.

    Thanks again for writing this article. It’s very hard to find find good information on health. I know that this is going to help a lot of people!

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