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IconRoommatesHow to live together and not hate each other

We’ll be blunt – sharing your room with another person can be torture. There’s nothing quite like going from having your own sanctuary to having zero privacy 24/7. But, before you tear your roommate’s face off, here’s a few tips on how to turn a poor situation into a really positive experience.  

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IconMove-in ChecklistEverything you should remember to bring for the big move

On move-in day there are generally three types of students: Those who pack less than an Everest climber, those who could be featured on A&E’s Hoarders, and the very few that plan ahead an make a checklist. Trust us, you want to be in the minority.

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IconBedding TipsShopping on a budget shouldn’t result in buying paper-thin sheets

When most shoppers go to purchase bedding for the dorms, they generally go for the cheap stuff, reasoning “it’s only a year”. A word of advice if you are one of those people: A year in college is a very, very long time!

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